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Alessandra Ambrosio Was in a Lace Dress


 She's one of the world's most talked about supermodels, so it's little surprise that Alessandra Ambrosio likes to experiment with fashion. The Brazilian bombshell turned up at the Replay store preview during Milan Fashion Week in Italy and stood out in a rather racy number. The 33-year-old turned heads in a white lace midi evening dress which showed off a white bra and a matching set of large pants.

Monochrome magic: The stunner arrived with her good friend and stylist Matt Muzafarin who wore a black and white outfit which complemented hers

She used on a fashionable shaggy artificial fur coat and refined off the look with a pair of dark and white-colored cute court shoes.The beauty arrived with her close friend and beautician He Muzafarin who used a grayscale ball gown dresses which accompanied hers. Other superstars who joined the event included Brazil footballer Neymar who used a informal collection of a jeans coat over jeans and loafers.

Love it! The supermodel appeared to check out her mate's look as they headed to the venue

Both Alessandra and Neymar posed with Matteo Sinigaglia, the CEO of fashion brand Replay. Earlier in the day, Alessandra had to buy an umbrella from a street vendor after she was caught in an unexpected rainstorm after jetting into Milan from Los Angeles the previous day. The statuesque brunette appeared in good spirits despite getting wet, hitting the shops with her best friend, stylist Mat Mazzafera, the morning after celebrating his birthday with a group of their pals.

'Happy birthday Mat!! I made it just in time to celebrate with my bff !! Love u @matmazzafera,' she posted along with a photo of the birthday festivities. The gorgeous girl has apparently left fiancé Jamie Mazur and the couple's children, Anja, six, and Noah, two, at home as she attends Milan Fashion Week.




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